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We can craft bespoke video solutions for your particular needs. Alternatively,
we already have some tried-and-tests products that previous clients love.

90 days in 1

In marketing, one-shots are useful, but campaigns are king.

Filmed in person or remotely, 90 Days in 1 gives you 12 tightly shot and expertly edited segments of premium video content, all shot in a day, for maximum convenience to you. Before we go near a camera, we’ve spent time with you deep diving into your messaging in order to create content that works while you are sleeping.

12 videos gives you a steady stream of great video content, released weekly for consistency, to get your message to the people that count.

Whether you manufacture cables that keep an aircraft in the air, or train pilots to fly rockets, video lets your audience see the people behind your products and services, which really builds a trust and a relationship before you even meet.

An evening with…

An intimate online event for your clients and prospects, to build community and connection, and to win sales.

We work with you to create an environment and agenda that leaves your attendees feeling included, listened to and understood, as well as placing your company as the voice of authority and expertise in your field.

We can also record and edit any seminars and breakout rooms for you to use in further marketing.

GearUp TV live

Our signature magazine show is a mix of our ‘An evening with…’ product and our decades of journalism experience in the industry. We gather experts from across aviation to share their knowledge, opinions and insights. Limited sponsorships will be available, and must be in alignment with our core values.


*Coming in 2021*

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