Monday Musings #1 – Authenticity

Monday Musings episode #1 – Authenticity
We know – it’s daunting to get in front of a camera to tell your story.  I still find it – well put it this way – I can find a zillion other jobs to do first. It’s okay if I’m interviewing a client or interviewee for a news story. If it’s just me I can feel really uncomfortable….UNLESS:Rule 1 – Remember I’m doing this for a reason. I want to help YOU to feel more comfortable about using this critical tool for storytelling in today’s world. Once I remember that, I tend to let go of my fears and get into the big ‘why.’However, mindset alone is just one part of it. Here are some practical tips that could help.   Get used to looking at yourself in the mirror without judgement. Just stand, relax and look into your eyes and try to let go of any stories you have about being “too” whatever that “too” is.Rough out what you want to say and practice it a few times. Ideally with a friend or colleague, until you’re comfortable with what you’re going to say.
  • If you’re using your smartphone (and many have amazing cameras today). Get yourself in front of a window. Invest in a mini tripod or even a mini light and give yourself a lovely lighting boost. If all else fails – stick a lamp in front of your face. Yes, really 🙂
  • Eye Contact + SMILE. Look at that teeny, tiny camera and imagine it’s just ONE person you are talking to. That will give the impression that you are engaged with just the person watching the vid.
  • Limit your takes to two or three. Trust me on this. You’ll thank me when it comes to the edit. If you keep goofing up (like I do) then say make a gesture that indicates that take isn’t going to work and leave a gap between the next phrase.
Be yourself. No one else can do that as well as you can. You’re creating this video for a reason. You have something of value to communicate, and I’m guessing you’ve already sold that thing to your current customers, who’ve found enough about you to trust – so add that to your portfolio of tricks up your sleeve.Watch yourself back. Have that toe curling moment and get used to the fact you’ll always make at least one mistake. Is the overall message clear? If so, give yourself a pat on the back and prepare for the next one.Now, get out there and get videoing!Oh – if you want to see the video on the topic – go here If you’d like a free crib sheet about how to work the camera, drop us a note on the link above and put CONFIDENT in the body of the email.

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