Tradeshow Tip Tuesday #1 – Using your Smartphone

Tradeshow Tip Tuesday #1 – Using your Smartphone
Smartphone smarts…AKA how to earn yourself some client love! When you’re at a tradeshow, help your clients out by driving traffic to their booth. If they don’t have a booth, interview them about what they find interesting about the show. Remember to reference their product or service, and tag them in your subsequent posts. Then TAG them on any social media platforms. We interviewed our client James Dillon-Godfray, at London Oxford Airport recently at the ACE show at Biggin Hill Airport. As we’re posting this blog (and video on socials) we tagged @OxfordAirportUK @LBH_Airport where the @aircharterexpo show took place. We also added the following hashtags #GearUpTVSocial #avgeek #bizav

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