Build Trust by Looking at the Camera

Gama Aviations Richard Lineveldt addresses his audience directly (Above)


Who are the most trusted celebrities? Oprah Winfrey? David Attenborough? Why is that? As much as anything else, it’s because we see their faces on television – while they deliver important valuable information.

Think of how that could pan out for your brand. Using video gives your customers a more intimate view of your brand. It is so content rich.

When you watch a video, you not only hear the message, but also receive information about how people are dressed, their sincerity, their environment, what is happening around them with their team, and the company behind the message. This gif of Dassault Falcon demonstrator pilot Olivier Froment (taken from a video we did for Dassault), tells a fabulous story already, without him uttering a word.

If we just posted a paragraph saying “Dassault Falcon Jet employs several test pilots in its Falcon jet fleet,” chances are you’d gloss over it. A video offers intimacy and the opportunity to share more with your customers, creating openness that builds trust.

How would that translate into a news release, for example? Imagine your CEO delivering your company message in a heartfelt, sincere manner.

Check out our customer video testimonials. All real – all from our valued clients. How much more effective are they than a flat text paragraph?

Also, think about using social media as a way of building trust. Using live video is incredibly effective. It does not have to be polished – it is typically unscripted and viewers are happy to watch it that way. Being natural and yourselves is a sure fire way to elicit trust and confidence – especially if you are sincerely passionate about the products and services you produce.

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