100 Greatest Women in Aviation

The 100 Greatest Women in Aviation celebrates the achievements of women aviators through a century of flight. Indian pioneers, such as Chanda Budhabhatti, Saudamini Deshmukh, Nivedita Bhasin and Kalpana Chawla are featured prominently amongst the one hundred biographies of female aviators from across all five continents.

The 100 Greatest Women in Aviation provides an exciting snapshot into the lives of the women who dared to soar. Chronologically the book charts the experiences of the first passengers (Therese Peltier and Mrs Hart O Berg in 1908) to contemporary record breakers, like as the UAE’s Aisha Al Mansoori and Salma Al Balooshi.

The book also includes legends like Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson, as well as all but forgotten heroines such as China’s Li Xiapeng and Hilda Yan. Both intrepid pilots barnstormed across America during World War II to protest against the Japanese occupation of their country.

Author Liz says: “We loved writing it. There are some epic tales: Jackie Cochran, the first woman to break the sound barrier; and tragic tales – Caroline Aigle, the promising French fighter pilot, who died of cancer so that her child could live. One of our particular favourites was a fun story – American Pancho Barnes, a minister’s wife who was so bored on Sundays that she ‘buzzed’ her husband’s congregation.”

Author Sanjay adds ‘For me the stories were inspirational and opened my eyes up to the fact that women contributed much towards aviation history, defying convention and the naysayers to become the unsung heroines of flight. It was time to celebrate their achievements and offer an insightful and exciting look into the lives of these remarkable women. We hope our book does them justice.’

There is also an inset box within each biography detailing other significant events in the same year as each ‘female first’. For instance in 1912 Mary Marvingt maybe celebrated but in that same year the HMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. Whereas astounding Russian aerobatic pilot Svetlana Kapanina or ‘Siberian Angel’ became the FAI World Champion in 1996 at the same time Dolly the sheep was cloned.

Read this and be moved, inspired and motivated to get out there and try an adventure yourself!

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