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Livestreaming 2

While we appreciate that it is important to stay “on message” in terms of branding, we all know that people buy from people, not brands. Streaming live does away with fake photoshop and airbrushed imagery and enables people to connect face to face in real time. This authenticity builds more trust than a thousand polished still images ever could.

There are SO many ways to use streaming to enhance your brand. For example:

  • News and storytelling
  • Q&As and conversations with your audience (clients) in real time
  • Special announcements and product introductions
  • Customer support and Q&As
  • Live events
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses

Authenticity comes from streaming professional, yet unedited video, and allowing yourself to be imperfect and vulnerable in front of your clients. Guess what – you have to be – you are human, and so are they. Increasingly people are turning away from the over engineered look of plastic surgery and airbrushing to real folk telling tales of how they can help each other.

That is not to say we don’t like professionally produced, polished videos. Heck, we produce them ourselves, however livestreaming is a valuable and effective way to market in ways other media just doesn’t reach. People have questions and they are happy to speak to a real human being looking back at them in real time, even if they are stumbling over their words. We’re going to launch a new live show in summer 2017, so do check our Facebook page for more on that.

Be willing to be responsive to what people are asking. It’s the best way to find out what your customers want – in real time.


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